Bangel Recs Anyone??

Sep 02, 2011 15:01

So there's was this awesome moment at work a while back when something went missing. I said "It must be bunnies" and the reply from my colleague was "or maybe midgets". This was followed by the wild flailing of fangirl arms (or fanman arms in my colleagues case) and much jumping around.

Turns out Fanman is one of the few people in my RL who likes Buffy as much as I do. I'd like to present him with some awesome fanfic to read but he's really into Angel+Buffy=4eva in a big way and I'm... not.

I've only ever read one Bangel fic (it was brilliant) but I don't actively seek them out, so if anyone has any recs I could throw his way that would be greatly appreciated!!
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