Not even the best of best Spike thoughts can make this right...

Aug 02, 2011 12:11

All the Spike related posts popping up all over LJ made me really nostalgic, and since I'm stuck at home with a neck injury, I decided I'd watch myself some Buffy. Specifically, the more Spike centric episodes.

I have the BtVS special edition box set. I got it five and a half years ago and it was the most amazing birthday present I've ever recieved, obviously, because I bought it myself. My ex partner was capable of a great many things, but putting decent thought into the gift giving was never one of them. (C'mon big guy, I gave you that obsolete games console you spent your whole childhood pining after for Valentines Day, and you got me a bunch of marked-down supermarket flowers that you had your parents pick up!)

Sorry... I still have issues :)

Anyway, I thought I'd start with School Hard, because, you know, AWESOME! and work through Lovers Walk, Something Blue, Fool For Love etc etc etc, and finish up with Touched and Chosen. The first time I watched Chosen I cried on and off for days afterwards. Really, not a word of lie. Partly because Spike died and I didn't know he was coming back, but mostly because I was a great big giant pregnant hormone bomb.

(Incidentally, you know what doesn't help with the crying? Having your Ewan Bremmer lookalike ex bleach his hair, put on his brown leather jacket, and burst home from work announcing in his Geordie accent. "I'm Spike and I'm alive again." Oh sweetheart, I know you were only trying to help, but really? It took MONTHS maybe even years for me to shake that image from my brain!!)

So, back to School Hard. I loaded it up onto my computer, and... it doesn't work. Big scratch on the DVD.

Move on to Lovers Walk...again, nada. Big Scratch.

So then I start furiously pulling out all of the DVD's, and there's scratches on ALL OF THEM! Not just little scratches either, big horrible make-dvds-unplayable scratches. The only discs not scratched are from Season 1, which isn't particularly helpful, because do you know what's missing from Season One? SPIKE!!

And yeah, David Boreanaz is totally hot when he's all young and singlet wearing (and ohmygod does he look young and I'm starting to feel old now) but Angel is no Spike, and I want Spike, and want him NOW...

I think I know how the scratches happened.

A while ago, I caught my kids sitting on the floor and sliding DVD's to each other. It's fun, because they skim across our floorboards like UFO's, but obviously it ruins them. I told them that, but I let them continue, trying to do the whole 'learn from experience to respect your belongings' thing.

Obviously it worked, because they respected their belongings, and never did it again- to their DVD's. Mine were fair game. I don't know when they did it, because I'm not in the habit of turning my backs on them for more than two minutes at time (seriously, when my son was three he somehow managed to set the kitchen on fire while I was on the phone!).

All I know is that it's done now, and there'll be no Spike for me today.

Since my dodgy neck prevents me from banging my head into my desk repeatedly, I think I'm going to go cry instead. That, or eat copious amounts of chocolate and play around with YouTube...


i love my life at all times, btvs

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