May Day Drabble

May 01, 2011 16:04

I've been thinking of my father today, a man who dedicated quite a lot of time fighting for better safety and conditions in his workplace. For his sins, he was blackballed, and would have remained completely unemployable if it hadn't been for like minded friends who found him work. Anyway, all the thinking inspired this. Happy May Day!

Mystical Warriors of The World, Unite! )

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norwie2010 May 1 2011, 13:01:18 UTC
Yeah, well. That's the first mistake right there: Asking for better conditions. ;-)


anviloverheaven May 1 2011, 13:45:37 UTC
:) They're asking while holding many sharp and pointy weapons.

I don't imagine them actually going on strike, but a go-slow would be interesting.

Poor, poor vampires...

PS: Love your icon.


(The comment has been removed)

anviloverheaven June 30 2011, 08:41:27 UTC
He's awesome. He has a totally cool stamp collection and he helped write the book I studied in modern history.

Occasionally, he takes me to the club and if anyone asks about his daughter, he tells them I'm his wife just to watch the awkward back pedalling.

Few people outside of our family find this funny.

We're a little strange.


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