Finally watched the Christmas special, and...

Dec 29, 2012 20:42

Hello. I need all of the Oswin/Doctor fic there is now please. It must exist already, yes?

"It's smaller on the outside."
"That's a first."

Also: hat.

fandom:doctor who

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clavally December 30 2012, 04:48:12 UTC
I love Oswin and thoroughly enjoyed the Christmas episode. I do wonder how they'll handle River, though.


misswitch December 30 2012, 05:50:54 UTC
I really enjoyed it, although I'm hoping Clara's not going to die at the end of every episode. Rory's already done that.

I do enjoy Jenna Louise Coleman. She's really adorable and I'm a bit sad we're not going to get Victorian!Clara as a companion. I'm looking forward to learning her story.


thea_bromine January 9 2013, 22:13:00 UTC
Don't watch it myself although the Bromides do, but I'll offer you this:


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