"The Doctor's Wife" is my favoritest NuWho episode ever.

Jun 05, 2011 22:06

I've been twittering a ton if you're into such things. 100% fannish content, Buffy & Doctor Who. No boring real life crud.

Mr Pedia & I are in the middle of a margarita-fueled rewatch of this season of Doctor Who. We'll have many more comments about plot speculation as a result, I suspect. In the short term, I have two meta-comments. First, Neil ( Read more... )

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clocketpatch June 6 2011, 05:54:15 UTC
Margarita Who marathon... must try that sometime. :D

The Doctor's Wife is definitely way up in my rankings, not just for NuWho but for the show in general. It was just such a lovely episode. Every little bit of it sparkled.

Oh! I've finally, finally managed to watch series six of Buffy and am now starting on series seven, after which I'll probably start sample-reviewing the other seri- seasons. You know you've been watching too much British television when. But, when/if I do get the whole canon under my belt I may well start producing fic to expand on it. :D


This is so off topic anonymous June 15 2011, 01:21:02 UTC
And I don't know if you're open to being lured out of your fandom, but have you *seen* xmen first class? The Charles/Erik love is so real, and the tragedy is so great, and the caliber of the fic (tho it's early yet) is not what you have spoiled me to expect. I walked out of the movie, I swear to god, and I thought: how can I get antennapedia to write me this story?

But srsly. Either way, it's worth the absurd price of admission. My girlfriend turned to me halfway through - and she does not ship or fic or even fandom - and said: they're in love, right?

And while I'm anonymously here I'll just take the opportunity to tell you how much I love your writing. For embarrassingly realz. Keep it up. :)


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