Doctor Who s06e07

Jun 04, 2011 22:18

Ahaha. Hahah. Ha. Ha. ( Yes, one big honkin' spoiler... )

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fuzzyboo03 June 5 2011, 05:41:19 UTC
I think the theme of consequences of the Doctor's lifestyle is an interesting one that doesn't get brought up very often in the show.

And dammit, I knew that we had not seen the last of the alliance of various species that want him dead. Interesting that we learn more of their motivation and it's one that we can start to be sympathetic to.


clavally June 5 2011, 06:35:37 UTC
So, are we all on the same page that River is both Amy and Rory's daughter and a time lady and the kid in the spacesuit and probably the one who kills the doctor? So, this must mean they don't find her for years and when they do find her, her mom tries to kill her and she gets kidnapped again, regenerates and is God knows where. I feel really sorry for the poor kid.

And does this mean it's the last season for the Ponds so they can go raise their family? I expected to be all anxious for the next episode and angsty that it was so far away, but I think I'm okay waiting, lol.


clavally June 5 2011, 06:47:18 UTC
Oh, and is there going to be a betting pool for the number of either canon or crossover fics with the plot "We Had Sex on the TARDIS and All We Got Was This Lousy Time Lord?"

Hundreds? Dare I say a ficathon springs up around it? lol


daiseechain June 5 2011, 12:10:12 UTC
"We Had Sex on the TARDIS and All We Got Was This Lousy Time Lord?"

Is it a t-shirt yet? Because it really needs to be.


antennapedia June 5 2011, 16:39:39 UTC


meegat June 5 2011, 08:35:35 UTC
I know Moff is trying to get away from the fact that everyone is scared of the Doctor etc - and that whole Oncoming Storm thing - and this is a good way to do it. Let's get back to the lovely mad man in a box.

Most had figured out about River - but it was done wonderfully...for a few seconds I thought she was telling him that she was actually a future incarnation of himself! Man, did I get worried!

What I loved most of all though...was the Doctor's reaction to it. That adorable little chuckle sent shivers through me. And the "kissy face" - love it!

Matt Smith nailed it in that one - we had the anger...the pain (and when he's in pain it hurts to watch) and then the sheer joy. Wonderful.


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daiseechain June 5 2011, 12:20:15 UTC
River is Amy and Rory's daughter. The little girl (who as yet has not definitely been proven to be River, although they do strongly suggest that) kills the Doc (but of course there's no guarantee they'll wrap that storyline up any season soon - they could leave it hanging indefinitely). The baby is with the people who created the 'flesh' versions of Amy and her baby - the consortium that is trying to kill the Doc.

And yes, we have to wait until Autumn.

And your question about the church being anti-Dr is a good one. Makes me question some of what happened in that episode with the weeping angels. Why would they have imprisoned River? Was she the trap to lure in the Dr? Presumably that means the church was organised by the anti-Dr consortium?


frenchani June 5 2011, 12:55:55 UTC
The little girl (who as yet has not definitely been proven to be River, although they do strongly suggest that) kills the Doc

Oh but that's not sure at all! We still don't know who the person in the space suit was. Besides since River knows the Doctor's future and perfectly remembers her own past, it's unlikely that she did it. The little girl from "The Impossible Astronaut "is probably River but I don't think she was the astronaut who killed The Doctor. The scene almost looked like a suicide, so my guess is that The Doctor himself was in that space suit.


daiseechain June 5 2011, 14:14:20 UTC
You're quite right. They haven't definitely shown us that it was the girl who is in the astronaut suit, so we still don't know who kills the Dr, but we know that they're in an astronaut suit.

But we can't infer from River remembering her own past that she's not the one who kills him. If she has indeed been created as a weapon to use against him, it's possible the person in the astronaut suit is her in her own future.


frenchani June 5 2011, 12:57:57 UTC
Sherlock Holmes was an alien and female!

I'm worreid for Rory the Good Man now...Amy shot her own daughter in "The Imposisble Astronaut", and I'm afraid that River will kill her own father.


antennapedia June 6 2011, 00:16:13 UTC
You know, I hadn't thought about that until you pointed it out, but the "good man" going to war in that episode could very easily be Rory not the Doctor. The Doctor explicitly rejects the "good man" label. While Rory is the one Amy is telling her daughter will be there to rescue her. The Centurion who guarded her for 2000 years is a good man at war. And Moffat, as you said, loves red herrings.

So. While I still think the #1 theory is River is the one in the astronaut suit, #2 (River shoots Rory) has possibilities.


frenchani June 6 2011, 10:02:49 UTC
River in the space suit just doesn't seem to fit in the time line but we will see.

As for The Good Man, I think it was meant to be ambiguous. See my review:


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