Doctor Who s06e06

May 28, 2011 22:10

That was... um, wow, better than I expected.

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clavally May 29 2011, 19:05:41 UTC
I noticed she was wearing the same shirt, too, but I thought maybe it didn't mean anything so I discounted the significance of it. Now I'm going to have to rethink!

I've been thinking for awhile that the start of "Day of the Moon" was suspicious because they never really explain what the hell was going on in between that episode and the previous. Did they ever say why they incarcerated the Doctor? Was it just the Silence influencing people? I have a feeling that the Amy that showed up in the body bag was the flesh, but every Amy we saw up until that point was the real Amy.

Oh, you know, except now I'm thinking she's been flesh for this whole season. Remember the Silence in the bathroom told her to tell the Doctor what he must never know. She says something like, "I remember now" and we all think she's talking about the Silence. Then she tells the Doctor she's pregnant instead of that they saw his death. I'm thinking she somehow broke through to tell him she was pregnant so he'd scan her and figure out there was something hinky going on.

Waiting to find out the answers to all these questions is killing me!


clavally June 3 2011, 13:47:29 UTC
i rewatched some snatches and I'm not convinced it's the same shirt. She just always wears a tartan (presumably because she's scots), when they're playing darts you can see another one draped over the back of a chair by the console. The first one's a dark huntery thing, but most of them are mostly red and white.

I'm thinking there's this one Silent on the side of the angels. He's definitely trying to help them, even though he's a killjoy. Shows up at the funeral and the bathroom. He tells her to tell the doctor what he must know AND what he must never know. Pregnant, & Dead? She's done both now.

Yeah the bit about pregnancy was weird, like she was struggling to talk around a mental block. So I think she was flesh then and back in the oval office, which means since before the season started. Or before the previous season started. She was always a weird little girl. She woke up, and it was all a dream.


clavally June 4 2011, 07:44:07 UTC
I think you're right about the Silent in the bathroom being on their side. They couldn't have figured anything out without it. I hope this next episode answers some questions about the little girl, too. I know we assume the little girl is Amy's baby, but why would a human child be both really strong and able to regenerate? Can't wait for this new episode. Although, I have a feeling this next cliffhanger is going to be even worse!


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