Doctor Who s06e06

May 28, 2011 22:10

That was... um, wow, better than I expected.

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when was she switched? anonymous May 29 2011, 16:12:48 UTC
In the confidential the image they show behind the phrase "a long time" (that she's been flesh) is Amy and Rory getting out of the bus to meet the Doctor in the desert.

[ Moffat has been clear that the flesh Doctor IS the Doctor, so he's just misleading you. Not the first flesh Doctor, isn't that Georgia Moffet, still running around somewhere? ]

Amy has the first pregnancy symptom at the white house and the first pang right after they jump back to 1969. Possibly she's taken because of that, but that would seem sort of spontaneous and ad hoc, so I dunno.

Not the first time the recent Doctor has been to 1969, he went there in Blink. Mr Moffat has a thing for that year, he would have been 7.

River seems to have exactly the same sort of pang.

Isn't it weird that Amy & Rory have been hanging out living a normal life for several months without the Doctor when we start? I found that both suspicious and familiar.

Amy's flesh isn't making any decisions and Rory would certainly have noticed if the shirt couldn't be removed, so why would Amy keep wearing the same shirt? It makes no sense as a tell. Unless it goes with her cell.

"The Flesh can Grow!" we hear that over and over. "Silence Will Fall!"
There's something completely wrong with your life, Amelia.


Re: when was she switched? antennapedia May 29 2011, 16:36:27 UTC
^ Mr P writing above.


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