Doctor Who s06e06

May 28, 2011 22:10

That was... um, wow, better than I expected.

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meegat May 29 2011, 09:07:06 UTC
Yeah - loved the fact that the Doctor's switched shoes - presumably whilst doing their pop up routine behind that machine - and now Amy has told non-ganger Doctor about seeing him die. Nice!

Managed to figure out that Amy wasn't real - the clothes were a huge thing. She kept wearing that same shirt, episode after episode.

Now, the Doctor says that Amy hasn't been there for a "very, very long time". How long? LOL I assumed initially that the Amy they got back after being kidnapped in "Day of the Moon" was fake Amy - because the Silence use other people's tech. Maybe it's been longer? I don't know.

The trailer for next week is fantastic - but honestly... TWO Matt Smiths? Blimey, I damn near imploded from the happy...


antennapedia May 29 2011, 10:59:10 UTC
Oh ho, the shirt as a clue! I'll ask Mr P when she started wearing it. He's planning to rewatch the series before next week's episode.

Matt Smith was awesome in this one. Just great. Been enjoying this series (pirate episode aside) down to the ground.


meegat May 29 2011, 11:07:25 UTC
Hehee well this season she's been wearing it from "Impossible Astronaut". And each episode since - sometimes under jackets etc but it's ALWAYS there. Hell, even the Doctor changes his bowtie.

And I'm planning a rewatch starting today. I think we ALL are!

However - I think there's more stuff in season 5 to link in too. Did you notice in the trailer for next week that the same symbol is in the background when the soldier is speaking as when in "Time of the Angels" Amy was trying to get out of that ship (it was the symbol on the airlock).

It's very exciting, intriguing - and Matt is just a sexy beast.


misswitch May 30 2011, 02:15:14 UTC
I think the shirt is a red herring. Mostly because while she wore the same shirt, the bottom part of her outfit changed from episode to episode. Sometimes she had a skirt, sometimes pants. Also, she was wearing the black suit when the Silence kidnapped her. If she was replaced then, she'd be wearing that black suit all the time.

I think she was switched sometime during the 3 months she, Rory and River were traveling through America, counting the Silence. It just makes the most sense. (to me) She told him she was pregnant in IA and then in DotM she 'wasn't'. That's also when she saw the eyepatch! woman for the first time.


meegat May 30 2011, 09:25:22 UTC
I wouldn't be surprised - but the shirt clued ME in to focussing on Amy a lot more - and then when they mentioned last week about the flesh replicating clothes...a lightbulb went off.


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