Blackmail commentary, part 1/2

Oct 06, 2007 12:44

DVD commentary on Blackmail, as requested by violetisblue. The story is Giles/Buffy, most definitely adult, and most definitely kinky in a leather sense, so do not follow the cut if any of these traits displease you.

How I got started... )

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seldomifever October 6 2007, 20:57:39 UTC
But this is one of my fictional obsessions in the Buffyverse: what makes Giles want to serve this erratic, flighty, selfish, occasionally outright stupid Slayer? a) She's the defender of humanity. b) She's got a long list of good qualities too. c) They made him want to.

I always come back to "they made him want to" too, but I feel like that takes something away from the fact that he loves her. He has a basic respect, because he is a Watcher and she's the superhero he (and his family) devoted his/their life(ves) to, but he doesn't worship Kendra or Faith. It is Buffy he adores.


antennapedia October 9 2007, 21:25:12 UTC
I often go for "they made him want to, and then he went in a direction they totally didn't expect". Because it's obvious in canon that it's his affection for her, specifically, as a person, that makes them both effective. And his loyalty ends up being to her, not to them. Thus they fire him.


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