History will turn itself when new mental model will be created by us

Dec 12, 2015 18:09

Reality extremely changes. We chage our perception of the past, we anticipate some  events, historical turns.  But very interesting process raise in our minds: cognitive models replaced each other. This process very hidden, but evidencies of it everywere: news, books, discoursies, etc. Througout ten years we will see another country, another ( Read more... )

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matrixmann December 14 2015, 07:39:14 UTC
In that sense one envies you Russians - at least you have a few politicians in the leadership and in the right positions which you know the way the wind blows.
Not an occupied country like mine where you realize all politicians in higher positions are just puppets where the extent to which grade they're some is just conspiracy theory because there are only minor clues on the surface and the true magnitude lacks facts to prove it because they're all top secret.
I know, not everything is run correctly in Russia and you're therefore under constant threat of a fifth column scenario, but in that scenario it would be refreshing if parts of that made it to "good old Germany".


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