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kittycatkit August 12 2018, 21:25:52 UTC
The cut on OJ’s finger didn’t happen during the murders. Several people who interacted with him at the airport and on the airplane ride to Chicago like the airport couriers and airplane pilot testified under oath during the trial that they didn’t see a cut or bandage on his finger. Tom Lange, one of the detectives who was part of the case, also said there was a broken glass with blood on it found in OJ’s hotel room at Chicago. Type in “OJ fact or fiction cut finger” on YouTube search for proof. Or here are some transcripts from the trial:

*THE COURT: Overruled. Ask him what happened next.

MR. COCHRAN: All right. Okay, your Honor, I will do that.

MR. COCHRAN: What happened next?

MR. VALERIE: He proceeded to read that, sipped on his water, and it was pretty uneventful really. I mean, we were just flying on a redeye flight. He again, because of my position--

MR. DARDEN: Object as nonresponsive, your Honor.

THE COURT: All right. Next question.

MR. COCHRAN: All right, certainly. Mr. Valerie, as you watched Mr. Simpson from this vantage point, did you have occasion to look at his face?

MR. VALERIE: I sure did.

MR. COCHRAN: Did you see any bruises or cuts or abrasions on his face at that point?

MR. VALERIE: None whatsoever.

MR. COCHRAN: Did you have occasion from this vantage point you have described for us to look at Mr. Simpson's hands?


MR. COCHRAN: And what, if anything, did you see with regard to his hands?

MR. VALERIE: Umm, I viewed Mr. Simpson's hands at that time looking for championship ring. Given he is a famous professional player, that was the motivation for my looking at his hands. I didn't see anything unusual, no Band-Aids, no large abrasions or anything to that effect.

MR. COCHRAN: Did you see any cuts at all?

MR. VALERIE: I didn't see any.

MR. COCHRAN: Did you see any blood on his hands?

MR. VALERIE: No blood.

MR. COCHRAN: By the way, you said you were looking for a championship ring. Is that like a Superbowl ring?


MR. COCHRAN: Something of that nature? Did you see one at that time?

MR. VALERIE: No, I did not.

MR. COCHRAN: All right. And so you had a pretty clear unobstructed view of Mr. Simpson as you were looking and making these observations; is that correct?

MR. VALERIE: That's correct. His left hand would have been the hand I saw closest and best view of.


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