When you want to get a vote, just scream CHILD MOLESTER AAAAAGGHH!

Nov 06, 2011 12:17

Government plans sex offenders register.

Why this is a stupid idea: because there is nothing on earth that brings out the crazy in people like the idea of a child molester somewhere in their midst.

1. Regardless of the rejection of the idea by the Police Minister of WA, publicising the whereabouts of registered sex offenders has resulted in vigilantism over and over again. Now, on the one hand, I can't summon up an awful lot of sympathy for some paedo getting rocks thrown at his house or having someone punch him in the street or whatever, but it's the principle. It's not okay to take the law into your own hands, and this kind of 'register' just encourages idiots to do exactly that.

2. It's easy to get complacent. You might be spending all your energy making sure your children don't go within 20 feet of that convicted child molester's house when the guy who lives next door to you has been feeling up his nieces and nephews for years and has never been caught. And you think it's cute when he chats to your kid about the flowers in his garden...

3. Regardless of how much we might dislike it, these people have served their time and should be left alone. The fact that they are registered means they are monitored. If you think they should have longer sentences or not be let out at all once they have been caught the first time (and in the case of paedophiles who have been shown to be almost 100% recidivists, I'm inclined to support this idea), lobby your local member of parliament to change the sentencing legislation.

4. The line of what is and isn't a 'sex offender' is murky. Remember a few years ago that 23 year old music teacher who was a registered sex offender because he had a relationship with a 17 year old? Who wasn't his student? Who refused to press charges? Who later became engaged to him? He made a bad judgement, but he's not a sex offender like, say, Dennis Ferguson is a sex offender. He's not even a sex offender like Wayne Carey is a sex offender. There are degrees of 'offending' but your average idiot vigilante or hysterical mother doesn't recognise that - all they see is:


And if you don't think people are that stupid, think again.
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