Яхты в блеклой краске

Jul 19, 2020 10:46

Колоризации от Frank Hellsten

1. Schooner yacht Mayflower photographed in July 1891

2. High speed steam yacht Vamoose, designed by N.G. Herreshoff and built by Herreshoff Manufacturing Co. for William Randolph Hearst in 1891

3. The high speed steam yacht Javelin, designed by Nathanael Greene Herreshoff . The Javelin, built for E. D. Morgan, was launched on July 18, 1891

4. The sloop Drusilla - designed by the legendary Nat Herreshoff - photographed in August 1892

5. Schooner Alert at the Goelet Cup race on August 5, 1892

6. Yacht Katrina at the Morgan Cup race on August 8, 1892

7. Schooners Alcaea (closest) and Lasca competing in the Goelet Cup race on August 5 1892

8. Steam yacht Electra, photographed by John S. Johnston in August 1895

9. Schooners Emerald and Amorita racing on June 19, 1897

10. Steam yacht Sultana (55.16 m.) photographed by John. S. Johnston in 1897

11. The gaff racing yacht Acushla (II) photographed by John S. Johnston on July 31, 1897

12. Yacht Mystery. 1882-1899

13. The American yacht Mildred, photographed in the 1890s

14. Shamrock and Columbia becalmed in fog at the 1899 America's Cup races in October 1899

15. US steam yacht Aurora photographed by John S. Johnston on August 3, 1899 in Newport, Rhode Island

16. The yacht Columbia at the America's Cup races on October 12, 1899

17. Schooner J. Duvall in 1905

18. Steam yacht Winya photographed in 1905

19. Commodore Arthur Curtiss James's yacht Aloha photographed in 1910-1915

20. A Canadian yacht meets C.P.R. steamer Princess Mary in the Burrard inlet (Vancouver, B.C.) on April 11, 1914

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