Акварели Джима Рея (Jim Rae) 12 часть

Jul 05, 2020 01:05

1. Just to keep the 'pot boiling' 'HMS Wild Swan' V-W class Destroyer

2. Norwegian Steamer Anna loaded with Timber in a gale. 1917 she was stopped and boarded by U16 on a voyage from Almeria to Glasgow with Esparto Grass. She was sunk by scuttling, no casualties

3. The Ship Alice with a couple of inshore fishing boats of a coast

4. HMAS SYDNEY and Sky Hawk

5. The Schooner ....with Albatross

6. Chalky's Ships. Done for a lady on an other forum, her late father's ships

7. The receiving end of Canopus's opening shot. Gneisenau is hit by a ricocheting Practice shell, her and Nurnberg were ordered to with draw, and shortly after the chase began

8. Hood catapults her Fairey 111F. She wasn't fitted with the catapult for long

9. Reserve Fleet. Portsmouth harbour, Got my coxn's ticket practicing among these old beauties. Inspired by the 'To Sail No More' series of books

10. Lee Shore. Setting for a drama


12. Sunderland off Oban

13. SUBMARINES 2 WW2 era

14. The Savoia-Marchetti SM.79 HMS Tartar in the Med

15. This way home. A downed crew sailing the Airborne Lifeboat dropped earlier by the Vickers Warwick which is flying on a heading for rescue

16. One I wasn't too happy with, forgot I had it

17. Gannet over the Bass. 849 Sqdn Gannet flying over the Bass Rock, one of the biggest colonies of Gannets in Europe

18. Maia and Mercury taking off from the river Tay for the record flight, Dundee to Alexander Bay South Africa 6,045mls - 9,726.4km 6-8th Oct 1938

19. 26-12-1943. Belfast illuminates Sharnhorst for Duke of York off the North Cape

20. Sunderland flying boat gets airborne as an Air Sea Rescue launch stands by. The a-c is taking off from the RAF Flying Boat Base at Ardantrive Bay west of Oban Argile Scotland

21. Catching the JC wire

22. Sea Vixen mk 2

23. Exercise 'Riptide' off the NE coast of the US. 1959 HMS Victorious and others refuel at sea. My first trip to the USA!

24. This one is for all the 'Junglies' from th '60's both Light blue and Dark blue. Belvedere lifting a stripped down Wessex 'somewhere East of Suez

25. Grytviken was the largest whaling station on South Georgia, part of the British Overseas Territory of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands in the South Atlantic

26. PBR Stop and Search in Mekon Delta covered by a 'Huey'

27. Small sketch of HMS PUMA. from my era

28. Same event as 'No Roses'. PQ18, HMS Britomart with Copeland in the background

29. The Rescue Ship Fastnet, picking up survivers

30. Main Top sail blown out"

31. Schooner 'Hope' passes a Sailing Trawler somewhere near the Dogger Bank

32. HMS Engadine aircraft transport, loading replacement Swordfish in the Clyde

33. Vanguard's final voyage" width

34. HMS Brighton awaiting disposal

35. HMS Brighton awaiting disposal. Painted at low tide, didn’t like it so painted the tide in!


37. Cam Ranh Bay circ 1967. USS Currytuck CGC Half Moon and LST 1166. Two P5M Marlins, a Sky Crane and a Sea Knight



40. HMS ACUTE. Painting finished, based on 'Fort Grahame' and HMS Acute J106

41. Wolfe. Depot ship HMS WOLFE , two T class submarines, a TID Tug and a Rescue Tug

42. Swordfish in Seaboots

43. Coldstreamer. HMTrawler Coldstreamer, 'military' class Trawler of WW2

44. One of the Scottish Fishery Protection ships was one (might have been called Lorna) heres here’s one in the middle

45. Here is the original draft for Leuchars program published in the 2001 Airshow Program

46. Minesweeping Trawlers 'Ben Dearg' and 'Cardiff Castle' return to Base

47. 'Contact' HMS Alisma drops a pattern of Depth charges

48. Cutty Sark drying her sails. In the days before becoming a tourist attraction she was a hard working vessel in the Tea and wool trade

49. Highlands and Islands

50. Ferreira. Cutty Sark as a Barquentine in Portuguese service 'from Thoroughbred to Carthorse'

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