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Призраки фашизма и его плоть selbstdenken February 13 2017, 22:26:56 UTC
Jews were dehumanized, and Antisemitism globalizes them. A Jew is no longer an individual human being or German citizen - a Jew is part of a global Jewish force, a Conspiracy, a Power. Jews had to be seen that way. But so long as Germany was not at war, these ideas had limited effect. (23:10)

"The false analogy is incredibly offensive, not only to the victims of the Holocaust but history itself. Here are 5 reasons why Muslim refugees are not Jewish WWII refugees:"

"Indeed, there seems to be an overriding inability to admit the possibility that the “Other” is in fact fundamentally different - i.e. genuinely “Other” - and may hold entirely different beliefs as to what is good and bad, what is legitimate and what is not.

It is of little practical consequence whether this is the product of an overbearing intellectual arrogance, which precludes the possibility of any alternative value system, or of an underlying moral cowardice, which precludes the will to defend the validity of one’s own value system."

Whether they [Jews] were deported or whether they were murdered was a matter of perfect indifference to him [Hitler]. For me that is morally worse than some kind of "a plan from the beginning". (32:30)

"...while you are willing to sacrifice your own people, I am not willing to sacrifice mine. The demise of Israel as a Jewish state [or any Western state as a genuinely Western - sd] would affect much more than your people. It would also extinguish the only hope remaining for progressive Arabs like me."

"...the real tragedy here comes with the unconscious racism involved in such a moral argument. The proponents of such thinking fail to grant the “other side” any moral agency. “Their behavior is entirely reactive, a response to our bad deeds. If only we would stop, they would stop.” This approach, which gives us, among other things, the current policy of appeasement in the West, also operates on assumptions that the “other” - in this case, the global Jihadis and the Muslim cultures from which they draw their recruits - are not autonomous moral agents. In other words, they, like animals, can’t help themselves. Hence, we make no moral demands on them, indeed, we lower ourselves to their moral level with our equivalences."


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