Two From WaPo

Jan 20, 2019 15:28

In these turbulent times, I think it is vital to subscribe to one or more news sources. I have a subscription to the Washington Post, the New York Times, the Atlantic and give to NPR. I find WaPo's reporting especially insightful. Here are two articles from today.

The first is how photographs taken by women are vastly underrepresented in news articles and how this subtlety informs our thinking. When all you see is pictures of women as victims, care takers or brides, it's hard to imagine women as having agency.

what pictures really show

The other article is a profile of Joe Davidson. You may remember him as the man who was pilloried for laughing as Trump made fun of. After readiung thew article I don't think Davidson thinks rape is funny or that he's a racist. I think he's something worse, willfully ignorant. He doesn't want to hear anything that disturbs his view that everyone in the country is being treated fairly. He understands that he's led a privileged life, what he fails to understand is how many people are actively prevented from leading that kind of life.

Joe Davidson
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