The boys are back in town: Spawn News

Jan 02, 2019 09:22

Many of you have been reading this journal for many years and as a result, have basically seen my sons grow up. And since Carly so sweetly asked, here's an update on the evil duo.

Aaron is still with his girlfriend. It's now 8 years? 9 years? He;s turning 29 in June and NC will ne 30 this summer so maybe they'll finally take the marriage plunge. (They do plan to at some point). They still love to travle and ;ast year went to the Rhine country in Germany where they drank wine, saw castles, visited a spa where Aaron almost passed out from the intense heat and got driven around a former racetrack by a professional driver. They also took a trip to Madrid, Morocco and Gibraltar, three very different cultures in the space of a week. They've already booked a flight to Budapest for this year.

Zachary has had a very exciting year. He left DC and moved to NYC on Halloween. In a really insane turn of events he became art director at Baron's Financial Magazine, which was crazy because he was 24. A few months ago, he left there and is now associate art director at Elysium Health, which in addition to being a pharma start up also runs a general interest online science magazine. Zachary is in charge of the magazine and you can find it here: Endpoints. His gf Chelsea is just as talented (she's an illustrator). She just finished final drawings for a children's book coming out in the fall. The book is geared to 8-12 year olds and is about women mathematicians. Since it's being published by Disney, we hope it will get some notice. He and Chelsea celebrated their 4th anniversary on New Year Eve. He told me they have to wait to get married until all their freinds have good jobs so they can buy them expensive wedding presents. Then he grinned and said yes, I am the worst.

Have a picture. This was just taken a few days ago.

And because I can't resist, here is a "glamour" shot of Zachary taken at his last job by the head of photography. While he is very good looking, he knows he will never look this perfect again.

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