Jan 29, 2017 15:42

I'll be posting about political stuff that people need to be aware of in some other posts, but first -

We need to fight back. Without concrete action, this country will end. I believe that.

So what can you do? Your elected officials care about getting reelected. So number 1. Make noise.

Celeste Pewter on twitter has what's happening on a daily basis. What upcoming votes you need to be concerned about. What stuff you can ignore. Read it. If you are not informed, you are part of the problem. - this site lists what is happening each week and what you can do about it.

In order - most effective - go to your senator's office and MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD. Your senator's a democrat? It's still important to go there and let him/her know that they cannot roll over!!! Your senator's a republican? Even more important. Every Tuesday, there are nationwide organized protests scheduled at your Senator's office. Can't make it then? NO matter. Any time is a good time to make your displeasure known.

Can't get to an office? A phone call is almost as good. Time to Fight list's phone numbers and scripts. There is NO EXCUSE not to make a phone call. You can even do it after hours, these offices have answering machines.

I'll be posting long term strategies later.

For now, call tomorrow to register your feelings about Betsy Devos, Trump's nominee for secretary of education. She is completely unqualified. It's Time to Fight lists phone numbers, if you have a problem finding them, let me know. Also leave messages about the ACA, Trump's immigration ban and a host of other issues.

Please comment that you will be making a call tomorrow. And then reblog this on your own page and ask that people make a commitment to spread the word and make a phone call. If all we are going to do is moan about how terrible Trump is, nothing will change. FIGHT BACK.

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